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Water Smart

The Village of Montrose is committed to water conservation. As a participant in the Columbia Basin Water Smart Initiative, Montrose is committed to achieving a 7% reduction in water use by 2015.

Water use in Montrose increases in spring and summer. This is the period known as "peak demand", when a community's water use is at its highest.

Water savings from 2009 to 2013 for the Village of Montrose cannot be confirmed due to limitations in data quality. Data from the Village's new gross supply meter is not yet reliable. In addition, the Village was connected to the Beaver Falls water system for April and May in 2013, significantly skewing total demand data.

A more accurate assessment of demand will be made in 2014 using data from the new meter at the Village's water supply.

What's working in Montrose?

What are the best opportunities for future reductions?

Village of Montrose Water Smart Action Plan

Data Review Summary 2013